Classic+ Essential Beginnings Set PES/PP

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The pending arrival of a new baby can be a stressful time. Our sets were developed with that in mind. Any of our special collections will give the new family something they definitely need and want. You can be confident that no matter what, everything included will integrate with the full Philips AVENT product range. 

The Philips AVENT Natural Beginnings Set includes:

  • 1 x Philips AVENT ISIS Manual Breast Pump that imitates your baby's suckling for stimulating gentle and fast milk flow
  • 1 x Philips AVENT Express Microwave Steriliser that sterilises 6 bottles in only 2 minutes by simply adding water
  • 2 x 125ml Philips AVENT Wide Neck Feeding Bottles
  • 2 x 260ml Philips AVENT Wide Neck Feeding Bottles

All bottles are fitted with Silicone Newborn Teats and feature the unique anti-colic valve that flexes to allow air into bottle to prevent vacuum build-up. 

  • 1 x 40 Pack of Philips AVENT Disposable Breast Pads that are uniquely constructed with four layers for maximum dryness
  • Dishwasher and microwave safe
  • Easy to clean
  • BPA Free that is free from Bisphenol A